Hey! Welcome to my official website! Here's alombi, an Italian student and developer, interested in iOS, MacOS, web development and some more stuff.

Jailbreak repo | Reach me out →


Here you can find some of my latest public projects. For a full list, check out my GitHub and RoutineHub pages. Enjoy!

Jailbreak tweaks


Beautiful pill widgets on your lockscreen.


Unofficial RoutineHub API

An unofficial API that scrape the RoutineHub website and returns a lot of different informations.

INGV earthquakes

A website for tracking latest earthquakes in Italy, with interactive maps.

iOS Settings URLs - Website

A website for easily browse between a collection of URL schemes for the iOS Settings app.

Bored website

Just a simple website for finding some activities to do while bored.



A simple yet powerful syntax highlighter for multiple programming languages.


A powerful developer tool built for ensure a better user experience.


iDetector quickly finds if a service is online, offline or has some potential problems.


A powerful flight tracker built entirely in Shortcuts without any third party apps.


Based in Italy, I learn and make stuff in my free time. You can find me on these platforms